School oh School

By : Fitri Rahmadianti

School  .. School maybe it is sounded a super flat and crunchy word that students feel almost everyday.

Doing so many homework till night without any rest and always get ready with coffee beside us.

‘just for make me not sleepy’ .

study and study and study those kind boring activities that student must do.will or won’t , ready or not ready but it’s the fact the we should do without any exception,or If you do mind doing do so get ready to be kicked out from your school.

Being so bored and flat and monotone when study will appear when we didn’t enjoy the lesson.Let us think like this,and let us change the term of study and the perception of its in daily life.That’s what people always think when they heard it, and directly take it as a burden and do it as an obligation that you should do.That’s why you got wrong guys..In the right term study is one of the activity to get more knowledge and one of the suggestion to you when you want to be happy when hear that word(study)(although it’s kind of small type of lying)but it’s okay as long as it can make us be more optimist with that,and when you will start your lesson , do it as your needs not your obligation trust it!it works!why?When we give the positive suggestion to our mind our mind automatically will be set as the positive energy that will go out from our mind our thinking.Because actually we the one that is need a lesson .

So start from now change study as your  Need not Obligation !! Enjoy ur life !!(FRD)


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