What Happen to you friend ?

By : Fitri Rahmadianti

I really still difficult to figure out who is my friend exactly.Sometimes I feel sad why I should ilfeel with my own friend,I just feel that he has changed .He is not looked like my friend any longer.He is now on so far away  from me.He totally changed.I don’t know what is the matter .But I just like feel a different condition when i MEET HIM AGAIN.I Have tried to do my best, I have tried for always understanding him.But the fact?he is the one who couldn’t keep his promise to me.Honestly in deepest place in my heart I still love u I still need u my friend my bestfirend but if you want this happens ,it is okay as a friend I’ll try to ignore u although it is really difficult to me to be so to do so because you are my bestfriend.I hate to be so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About dedot.eagle
An ordinary girl who keeps millions wonderful things inside

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