About My Education


안녕하세요 친구들
(hi guys)

Education is one of the media for adding our knowledge

The one who is knowledgeable should not always come from a high level of education

because everyone has their own right to get the education wherever is that

unfortunately not everyone could get the right place to have an education ( school )

luckily I get a chance to study at a prestigious school in Indonesia

SMAN Sumatera Selatan ( Sampoerna Academy ) is my school now on.

I feel lucky to be one of the parts of this school.

Not only a lesson of education that I got but also it teaches how the real life is and how the strong bonding of friendship is applied here.

This school is a boarding school.So,I should live in a dormitory with the people that I haven’t known before,not my family.

But by the time is running I just know that they are now on my new family,the one who always sit beside me when I sad,be the smile for me when I happy . I just know what a friendship is .

My school applies 2 curriculum which they are KTSP and IGCSE.it is quite dizzy for me how the way to manage the schedule to study both of them at the same time .

A really tight competition are provided here.:)

yeah we could say the we compete each others here but whatever happens we are still friends here,because it’s just academically.

Nothing is perfect,as same as this school but I love this school a lot who has given me scholarship and chances to go to colleges.

고마워(thank you)



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