About This Blog




I dunno exactly what should I explain about this blog

well I’m trying

Armansyah Sutan Sampono

This blog is one of my ICT Project which is supervised by my beloved ICT teacher (because he’s the only ict teacher in my school) Pak Armansyah . we can call him Armansyah,s.kom or Armansyah sutan sampono(his facebook’s name).He is a multi talented teacher . not only mastering in ICT lesson he also ever been a religion teacher and always gave us advices in every period he had in our previous class before. and he ever also been a Arabic teacher .How talented he is . and trust me it gonna makes him fly. peace pak :D.

I thought before this kinda trap that is made by him . He asked us to make goblog’s writing next to our name in the url website.

well Stop talking about my teacher it’s about my blog not him 🙂

On the other hand I really grateful for having this blog.because I could express my self here and share the knowledge that I’ve got.

Thanks Pak Arman

내 사랑하는 선생님 감사합니다 ( nae salanghaneun seonsaengnim gamsahabnida )

I don’t have any words to be said to describe this blog

I think that is All

No doubt to visit my blog

just search fitri rahmadianti you will find me 🙂


thank you


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